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Dogs' page

Hello, this page is only for dogs. We are Molly*, Jem*, Bonnie*, Lulu and Bebe and we live here at Stoke Barton where we have to work for our keep by rounding up sheep and livestock. Overall we lead a pretty interesting life and often we get to ride around on a quad bike or in the back of a Land Rover with Colin.

We get to meet lots of campers but the important thing for you to know that dogs can stay here and that there is a designated area for dog walking. There are also some super walks that you can take your owners on along the South West Coastal Path which runs across the farm.  It seems to go for miles and every so often you pass other dogs with their owners out for walks. We don't know where they come from but sometimes humans arrive without any rucksacks or tents which then arrive separately by something called 'Kit Transfer'. 

Anyway, if you need any advice on the best walks please come and see us.

Incidentally, we are working dogs and Colin keeps us busy so please don't let children tease us and don't invite us onto the camp field and feed us scraps or we will get too fat to work!

*Molly, Bonnie and Bebe died recently. Three really helpful sheepdogs thanks for all your help, Lulu has recently joined the team and is shaping up nicely.


Note that Jem died on the 9th July 2020 aged 17 so a pretty good long life.   Thanks for all your help Jem